Making the unthinkable possible

Everyone should have their right to culture & entertainment.There are fans that don't have the means show their fandom. With socialise to earn model, hardcore fans will have the means to support their favorites and their family.

The web3 is different

Decentralised Organizations (DAO)
Web3 will have  apps led by the decentralised community without board of executives. Community makes the decisions.
Users have true ownership & control
They curate their feed of information and control the data they provide with humane tracking. Providing true ownership of your digital identity and assets.
Everyone has access to digital revenue
S2E, P2E, and other models bring capital to people more easily than before. DeFi is already creating equality for people that cannot rely on banks.

Meet the S2E pioneers

Erki Koldits
Founder & CEO
Siim Pukk
Co-Founder & CMO
Gonzalo Casal
Stanislav Zakrevskii
Eldon Quirk
Country Manager at South Africa
Nikita Pinkin
Product Designer
Asse Sauga
Tokenisation Advisor
Kaarel Sein
Music Industry Advisor

Aspring values


We believe that everyone should have the artistic freedom to create while being responsible.


Making the unthinkable possible. We value and pursue innovation as form of creativity in everything we do.

Being heard

Everyone deserves to be heard & trusted in the community. We help forge more meaningful connections and help boost voices that aren't always heard.

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