Blog copywriter (Crypto)


About the role

We're looking for a Copywriter/Ghostwriter to write our Socialise to Earn blog posts. This is a unique opportunity to join early in our story and influence how the whole Social Media of Web3 will evolve.

You will

  • Write about Social Media, Socialise to Earn mode (S2E), PopSpot vision of Social Media, and on other blockchain & NFT based topics in English.
  • Edit and publish blog posts written by us previously for local media portals after we've translated them to English.
  • write on post ideas generated by the team and
  • research your own post ideas.

Ideally, you have

  • Extensive knowledge about blockchain, cryptocurrency space, non-fungible tokens and their use cases.
  • Previous experience writing short or long format content on previously named topics

We're looking to work with a copywriter on contract basis for long period of time. Please contact our Chief Marketing Officer Siim.

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