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PopSpot is the social media platform and protocol for Web3

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Socalise to Earn
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PopSpot Ecosystem


Obtaining tokens
Users can earn tokens as S2E & DeFi rewards, by renting out Wearable NFTs, trading on Marketplace, or purchasing from the exchange.
Spending Tokens
Users use tokens to pay for subscriptions, mint NFTs, purchase NFTs, or physical goods like Creator Merch and show tickets.
Active Wallet
All users have Active Wallets to securely hold their tokens for using them on app. Tokens can be transferred to external wallets at any given time.

Wearable NFTs

Users have a way to showcase their connection to a community and wearing these assets help users earn more while socialising.

These NFTs store Reward Points which influence the rewards rates. More points on item equals more tokens.

Profile NFTs

Creators can share profits with their fans by minting their profile as an NFT.

Fans can invest in rising creators and earn percentage of creators' revenue as dividends.

All NFTs are tradable on Marketplace

The prices depend on variety of factors like minting number, rarity, market demand, reward points, and creators' popularity.

Designed to become more valuable

Wearable NFTs store Reward Points making their value increase from storing points.

Profile NFTs become more valuable as Creator and their earnings grow.

Socialise to Earn

S2E is a model of Defining, Acknowledging, and Rewarding positive actions and users online. The model's main purpose is incentivizing users to perform more actions that benefit to the community and the platform. As a result, community grows in value and users are rewarded with tokens.

Token Supply & Allocation

Total supply is capped at 3,000,000,000 $POPS tokens

50% Socialise to Earn
Distributed through S2E rewards and Creator bonuses.

10% Token Sale
Sold to community & investors during the Token Pre-sale in mid 2022. Join the whitelist in Discord

30% Team and Advisors
Distributed with vesting terms to growing list of team and advisors.

10% Ecosystem Fund
These funds are needed for unexpected situation, investments or to stabilise PopSpot economy.


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